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Welcome to This Week in Quidditch News. Every weekend we will compile a list of the top quidditch-related news clips for your reading pleasure.

Welcome to This Week in Quidditch News. Every weekend we will compile a list of the top quidditch-related news clips for your reading pleasure. If you know of any articles you’d like to see included, please email them to .

December 10, 2013
State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry students play quidditch with Syracuse University (SU) students on the SU quidditch team. Students from Onondaga Community College are also able to join the team. "There's a very strong ESF presence on the team," said Nate Heath, a team captain. "We're a big family, so it really doesn't matter which school you go to." MORE

December 11, 2013
The University of Western-Sydney Thestrals did not qualify for the World Cup after the team was swept out of the tournament in the quarterfinals at the Australian Quidditch Association's national championships. MORE

But what makes quidditch unusual, other than merely being a previously fictional magical sport, is its inclusive attitudes and policies, particularly those concerning LGBT players and those outside the traditional gender binary. MORE

According to Véronique Lacroix, who plays on the Edmonton Erumpents quidditch team, gender equality was simply a natural part of the sport’s adaptation. “Honestly, I think there’s never been any segregation. From its creation, we’ve never separated men and women,” she said. “When quidditch was created for muggles—for non-magical folk—we just kept the same rules, as in everyone plays together.” MORE

December 12, 2013
C'est une discipline sortie tout droit de la saga Harry Potter qui est devenue un sport bien réel pour les Moldus, les personnes sans pouvoir magique. Créé en mai 2011, le club Toulouse Muggle Quidditch rassemble une dizaine de membres qui s'entraînent tous les dimanches après-midi sur les terrains de sport aux Argoulets. MORE

Geeks, hipsters ou amoureux de la nature, à chacun son sport de rue et à chaque spot sa discipline. Alors dimanche ce sera plutôt Quidditch porte de Versailles ou tractions au square Eugène Varlin? MORE

December 13, 2013
Two teams in the quidditch club at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus (UTSC), the UTSC Phoenix and the community-based Valhalla, faced off on Nov. 30 at the UTSC tennis grounds at Old Kingston Road and Military Trail. MORE

Si las palabras ‘quidditch’ y ‘muggle’ te suenan a chino entonces es que nunca has sido fan de Harry Potter. El quidditch es el deporte mágico por excelencia y los ‘muggle’ son lo contrario a un mago, alguien que no tiene capacidades mágicas. MORE

Le Ven. 13 Dec. 2013 par brindacier. Alors que font rage de nombreux débats sur l'égalité des genres dans le sport et le respect des différences, focus sur le Muggle Quidditch, version adaptée du sport fictionnel inventé par JK Rowling, à la popularité grandissante. Sport mixte et ouvert à la trans-identité, règlementation adaptée, l'International Quidditch Association fait la part belle à la tolérance. MORE


December 17, 2013
Tell seekers and chasers that quidditch is not a sport and they will tell you exactly where to put your broomstick. Quidditch has flown out of the wizarding realm and onto the main oval of the Parramatta campus of the University of Western Sydney. MORE