The literacy team within the development department hopes to promote literacy among all communities, with the help of IQA teams. They work to provide all the necessary information regarding events teams can hold to promote literacy as well as other information that teams may find beneficial for the promotion of literacy.

Surprisingly, there are still children in the US who are unable to read or have trouble reading in addition to not having access to books. Community is a large part of quidditch, and being part of a community is reaching out to those in need. This also includes those individuals around the world, mostly in the developing world, where literacy rates are extremely poor.  As part of the IQA’s mission to promote young people to lead socially engaged lives, the literacy team works to create projects and resources to help teams improve their community.

In the past, the literacy team has partnered with the Harry Potter Alliance to promote their annual book drive, called Accio Books. You can read more about that campaign, which donated over 30,000 books, . Future events will include more book drives as well as the promotion of “reading corners” (more information to come) in addition to ways for teams to work with after-school programs to improve literacy rates among children.

Want to get involved in literacy projects?

Take initiative! Create your own literacy-based project and put it into action! And be sure to read the helpful documents from the literacy team, on the right sidebar.