Become a Snitch

Our sport relies on a number of athletic and intelligent individuals in order to function properly. Along with referees and players each match requires a highly skilled and entertaining snitch. The job of the snitch is to keep his snitch tail safe from the grasp of each teams respective seeker while also maintaining a humorous and fun atmosphere. Snitching can be the most exciting position on a Quidditch pitch but it can also be the most difficult. This year the IQA's snitch development team is continuing their program of snitch academies to educate and train snitches to be of the highest calibre the Quidditch world has seen. This is a goal we achieve through the Snitch Academy Program.

The Snitch Academy Program is a series of one-day training camps run throughout the IQA Regions by the best snitch trainers in the sport. A trainee will spend time learning the rulebook as it relates to snitching & seeking, conditioning regimens as well as conduct practical training drills that directly relate to gameplay situations.

For the 2013-2014 season, snitch certification is divided into three levels: Bronze, Silver & Gold. These ranks directly correspond to a snitches performance at a Snitch Academy. Snitches of a higher rank will be given preference at Regional Tournaments & World Cup as well as priority consideration for special events such as the Summer Champions Series (Other perks to be announced).

Attending a Snitch Academy costs $20 for a trainees first Academy of the season. Snitches who are certified Bronze or Silver can attend another Academy to increase their rank for $10. Snitches who are certified Gold can attend successive Academies for free.

Individuals who were certified before May 2013 will be certified until December 2013, upon which point they will need to re-certify in order to maintain an active status.

Those certified during the 2013-2014 season will have to re-certify a year from their initial date of certification.

What do the fees pay for?

The fees help the SDT and snitches in a number of ways.

  1. They help pay for instructors travel expenses to Academy sites
  2. Help cover the cost of materials for Academies such as stopwatches, cones, etc.
  3. Help cover cost to certified snitches that are traveling to World Cup

More information on date and location of Snitch Academies will be released soon.