QuidCon is the only convention dedicated to quidditch. This annual event is an opportunity for quidditch players, captains, coaches, fans, volunteers, and IQA staff to gather to learn together. By discussing important topics, sharing lessons and experiences, and demonstrating skills, QuidCon brings the quidditch community together for a weekend of education and bonding.

What is QuidCon? QuidCon is exactly what you think it is, and more.

  • It’s a four-day conference combining the collaboration of the greatest quidditch minds from around the league.
  • It’s a chance to represent your region, your team, and your personal brand of quidditch.
  • It’s a gathering of like-minded athletes, Harry Potter aficionados, driven volunteers, and IQA executives under one roof.
  • It’s the opportunity to make lasting friendships and connections.
  • It’s the place where you hone your skills and gather knowledge to better your team and league.

More information on the location and date for the summer 2014 QuidCon will be released soon.

Previous QuidCon locations

Summer 2012 - Chicago, Illinois
Summer 2013 - Seattle, WA