Season Requirements

The IQA regular season lasts from July 1 to June 30 and consists of matches played between different teams (including both head-to-head matches and tournaments).

All tournament member teams will be required to play at least five games per season against a minimum of two teams in two locations during the regular season, not including regionals or World Cup. This requirement must be fulfilled in order to be eligible to compete in World Cup.

These scheduled games do not have to be one-on-one games. Tournament games count toward the minimum (and beyond), although all games cannot take place in the same tournament.

Requirements for official matches

For a game to be considered official (i.e. fulfilling seasonal requirements and to be included in the rankings) teams must meet the following criteria:

  • The game must be played between two official member teams.
  • The event host must submit the event to the calendar at at least two weeks before the match date.
  • Participating teams must register for the event via the calendar at, and also submit their roster of players, at least one week before the match date. (Note: Some events may require teams to register and submit rosters earlier than one week in advance. Review the details of the event on the event calendar to determine when team registrations and rosters are due.)
  • Before the first game begins, all players must have a photo ID checked against the roster.
  • The game must be officiated by a certified head referee. Teams must bring $6 per game to pay the officials.
  • Team captains must sign the scorecard after each game.

For any tournament to have ranked games, all games in the tournament between two tournament member teams must be ranked, and this must be announced by the organizers before registration. This is so a team cannot claim, after the fact, that a game should not be ranked (e.g. after a loss). Rankings provide pool seeding for regional championships and the World Cup.


Exception to Season Requirements:
Games played before October 1st, 2013 will count as official even if they were not listed on the events calendar, as long as they were between two teams who became official members on or before the date of the match, and they were officiated by a certified head referee. 

All TDs who have hosted or will host an event before October 1st should submit the scores to Will Hack at .