Southwest Regional Announced

The IQA is excited to announce the date and location for the Southwest regional championship.


Regional Director: Chandler Smith ()
Tournament Director: Kevin Peterson ()


The Mohawk Soccer Complex in Tulsa, Okla. will be the site of this year’s Southwest regional competition. The Tulsa City Sports Commission will host the championship.

A brand new facility, the complex features 17 soccer fields, ten of which are lit. Smith estimates each field could fit four quidditch pitches.

When teams are not hitting the pitch, they can visit the Blue Dome Entertainment District in downtown Tulsa, check out one of many museums or—if players are feeling lucky—try their hand at the Hard Rock Casino. Tulsa is a city rich with culture and history; players should have no trouble occupying themselves in their downtime.

We asked Smith and Peterson for their take on the tournament and the decision-making process.

- Why did you choose this particular site for regionals?
CS: The Southwest was excited to consider our two finalists, Round Rock, Texas and Tulsa, Okla. Although each city submitted fantastic bids, it was Tulsa, Okla. that secured the tournament location. The Tulsa Sports Commission offered up not only spectacular facilities with a plethora of fields, lights, storage and a building for headquarters, but they also extended their hand in the planning process to help make this tournament the best this region has yet to see.

- Why did you choose this particular site for regionals?
KP: Tulsa had the best bid, the best facilities and offered much more local support to help facilitate a better experience for players and spectators. The size and quality of the facilities should allow us to have additional fields available for practice/warm ups, as well as field(s) for kidditch and potentially high school games—if we have enough interest. The local organizing committee has offered help in coordinating medical, security, advertizing, etc. This will help free the [Regional Championship Committee] to focus more on player needs instead of logistical requirements while still getting both done.

- What do you hope teams, players and spectators take away from the tournament?
KP: We want to bring quidditch to Tulsa while providing the best facilities and amenities for players and teams. We want our players to focus on their games—let us take care of the rest. We want spectators to be involved and engaged while educating them about the sport and how it is played. As something new and unusual, we think that parents will have a good time bringing their kids out for the weekend and we want to provide some interactive activities for those kids. The kidditch pitch was a big hit at the world cup and we would like to continue that kind of family friendly engagement at the regional event. We are hoping to have vendor involvement at the event as well to reduce the need for spectators and teams to leave the fields.

- How can individuals get involved in planning the tournaments?
CS: Captains for starters can make sure their teams are tournament official by Oct. 1 to help secure the most world cup spots for another year in a row. Individuals can apply for the RCC by submitting a cover letter and resume for their desired position to . For any questions you can reach me at .

- How can individuals get involved in planning the tournaments?
KP: Get your team registered ASAP! We do not get our budget until y’all register, so please register early so that we can start laying down firm plans. Contact local high schools and see if they would be interested in starting quidditch teams with your help. Let family and friends know about the tournament and encourage them to attend. Tell us what you want and need—this tournament is for you, and we want to make your wildest dreams come true!

 The following regional championship dates have been previously announced:
Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship: Nov. 23 - 24 in Leesburg, Va.
Midwest Regional Championship: Oct. 26 – 27 in Rockford, Ill.
Northeast Regional Championship: Nov. 16 – 17 in Rochester, N.Y.
Oceania Regional Championship: Nov. 30 – Dec. 1 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Western Regional Championship: Nov. 23 – 24 in Tempe, Ariz.
The league is evaluating promising bids for the Canadian, European, and South regional championships and will announce more information about these bids in the coming weeks.

 If you are interested in helping to plan your regional tournament, apply to be on our Regional Championship Committee. There will also be more opportunities to lend your services to the regional championships posted in the future, so keep an eye out!