Referee Membership

USQ will offer a referee membership to all those who would like to become a head referee for the league. Any individual who wants to attempt a head referee certification test must first purchase a $40 non-refundable, non-transferable referee membership to USQ. The membership will expire on June 30, 2015 along with all other USQ memberships. Only certified head referees age 17 years and up may be paid to officiate an adult competitive quidditch game. USQ membership is not refundable or transferable.

Anyone who has already purchased a different USQ individual membership (coach, player, or fan) for the current season may add a referee membership by paying an additional $25 as an exam fee.

Head referees will earn $20 per official USQ match starting on July 1 2014.


Certified head referees from the 2013-2014 season must register for membership and take an extended re-certification written test (including questions and subject material from the snitch ref, assistant ref, and head ref testing processes) before officiating a game in the 2014-2015 season. Once passing this exam, the individual is certified as an assistant ref and a snitch ref, and they may continue officiating games and accepting payment for games. At the first opportunity, though, they must undergo a live field testing process by a member of the USQ referee development program.

As with the 2013-2014 playing season, new referee candidates must pass the snitch referee written test and the assistant referee written test before attempting the head referee exam.

Included in USQ referee membership:

  • USQ member ID card
  • USQ member patch
  • Head referee test
  • Insurance coverage while working at USQ official events
  • Ability to be recruited, assigned, and paid for working as the head referee at a USQ official match
  • Merchandise discounts
  • Access to additional training and development resources throughout the season
  • Eligibility to be nominated for monthly “Best Ref Award”
  • Eligibility to be nominated for annual “Best Ref Award” with prize of free travel and lodging to WCVIII