Member Rewards Program

The USQ member rewards program incentivizes team and player participation in a variety of different projects, initiatives, and events. Various activities will earn a team points, which will be shown on a leaderboard on the website. These projects, initiatives, and events are divided into six categories in order to reflect the investment USQ and its members have to upholding the USQ core values:

  • We establish the foundation for long-term sustainability through innovation, regulations, and expansion.
  • We provide competitive opportunities for every level of athlete.
  • We build a safe, inclusive, and respectful community.
  • We strive to be a leader in gender inclusivity for all age groups.
  • We create meaningful community partnerships.
  • We develop and empower future leaders.

What do the winners get?

At the end of the member reward period on May 31, 2015, the team with the most number of points gets one free tournament team membership (one team membership plus 7 individual members). Teams in second through fourth get one free team membership. All teams in fifth place or below will be entered into a lottery, where each point they have earned is one entry into the lottery. Three teams will be selected via the lottery for free QuidCon registration for one representative per team. Additional prizes may be given out throughout the year as well.

Who do we contact with questions?

Please direct questions about this system to the membership department at .

Points will be awarded for:

Efforts in long-term sustainability:

  • Responding to USQ player surveys and polls (1 point each)
  • Adding event news content to the website (1 point each)
  • Adding video content to the website (1 point each)
  • Attending a Teams Dinner or Employee Office Hours (1 point each)
  • Having individual members (1 point for each individual member on your team roster)
  • Adding individual stats for your players on the website (1 point per player)
  • Receiving a USQ starter grant (3 points)
  • Finishing team page (3 points)
  • Receiving a membership award (5 points)

Participation in competitive opportunities:

  • Referee certification (1 point per certified head ref, assistant ref, and snitch ref)
  • Completing 5 season games (1 point)
  • Attend a sanctioned event (1 point)
  • Attend a Snitch Academy (3 points)
  • Register as a team before September 17th (3 points)
  • Register as a team before September 3rd (5 points)
  • Host an event (5 points)

Build an inclusive and respectful community:

  • Participate in the mentor program (3 points)
  • Participate in the penpal program (3 points)

Encourage gender inclusivity and participation of all age groups:

  • Host a kidditch event and send in a report (3 points)

Foster community partnerships:

  • Volunteer at a convention or a USQ event (1 point each)
  • Participate in a USQ-sponsored outreach event or drive (3 points)
  • Participate in community service and send in a report (3 points each)
  • Host a community service event and send in a report (5 points each)

Develop leaders:

  • Complete CDC concussion training (1 point)
  • Complete USQ coach certification (3 points)
  • Become CPR/First Aid certified (5 points)