Coach Membership

US Quidditch now offers a more comprehensive coach membership, which includes a certification process. With the purchase of a $50 non-transferable and non-refundable seasonal coach membership, USQ coaches will receive exclusive access to a Positive Coaching Alliance online training seminar, an online workshop on concussions, and an educational online exam on USQ policies and procedures. Upon completion of the above, a USQ coach member can boast the first and only quidditch coach certification.

By partnering with the Positive Coaching Alliance, USQ hopes to bring the tenets of positive coaching to the sport of quidditch. USQ coaches will be Double-Goal Coaches ® who strive to win while also pursuing life lessons learned through the game; USQ coaches will help their peers and players become Triple-Impact Competitors ® who strive to impact the sport of quidditch on three levels by improving themselves, their teammates, and the game as a whole.

USQ joins the ranks of PCA's other national partners, which includes high school AAU, USA Rugby, US Lacrosse, USA Water Polo, and USA Gymnastics. A USQ coach certification, in conjunction with the PCA, will bring legitimacy and respect to both you and your team within your school and community.

Each USQ official team is required to certify a coach. A player or referee member who would like to serve as a team’s coach must pay an additional $15 to upgrade their membership to include that of “coach.” A coach upgrade will not receive a paperback copy of the rulebook.

Included in USQ coach membership:

  • USQ member ID card
  • USQ member patch
  • Paperback copy of USQ rulebook
  • Exclusive access to PCA online education seminar*
  • Information to access online concussion workshop
  • Ability to take USQ online quiz on policies and procedures
  • Upon completion of the three above, USQ coach certification (includes sticker for ID card)
  • Exclusive access to additional resources and training materials throughout the season
  • Insurance coverage while coaching any USQ official events
  • Eligibility to apply for an USQ grant to help cover certification costs (not available for coach member upgrades)

*As an alternative to attending the online seminar, coach members who are attending QuidCon 2014 will have the unique opportunity to attend an in-person workshop with a trained PCA consultant. This workshop will complete the PCA requirement necessary to certify as a USQ coach.