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Team UK Shortlist Announced

QuidditchUK has announced its shortlist of 42 players who will have the opportunity represent the United Kingdom in the 2014 Global Games.

QuidditchUK has announced its shortlist of the 42 players who will have the opportunity to be selected for Global Games Team UK.
The original list of 42 players was posted on the QuidditchUK website by QUK Chairman Ben Morton over the span of four days last week. This list of 20 chasers, six keepers, 13 beaters, and three seekers will be whittled down to an official roster of 21 players after the next Team UK practices on March 22 and 23. The remaining players will be reserves.
The shortlist was revised earlier this week in light of the fact that some of the original candidates were unable to attend Global Games. 
The names of the shortlisted players are below after the video. For more information, visit the QuidditchUK website.

Team UK (Shortlist)

Ellie Aaen (S)
Anna Barton (C)
Lee Baughan (C)
Jordan "The Pinchgrip" Beresford (C)
Simon "Bambi" Bidwell (K)
Dan Bridges (C)
James Burnett (B)
Ashley Cooper (C) - Captain
Sam "The Puppet Master" Davies (B)
Rachel "Rix" Dishington (B)
Alex "The Ogre" Greenhalgh (K)
Alice Faux-Nightingale (B)
Abbi Harris (C)
Tom Heynes (C)
Sally Rachael Higginson (K)
Andrew Hull (K)
Ollie Hymers (C)
William Johnson (S)
Tom Jones (C)
Elisabeth Ingeberg Jørstad (C)
Holly Kerslake (B)
Dale King-Evans (C/B)
Travis Manuel (C)
Lee Marsh (B)
John "Bonecruncher" Martin (K)
Warren McFayden (C)
Rebecca McLaughlin (B)
Craig Midwinter (B)
Jan Mikolajczak (C)
Matty "Bivouacking Panda" Murrell (B)
Emma Nicholson (B)
Jess O'Neill (B)
Tom Norton (C)
Emily Oughtibridge (C)
Melanie "Squirmel" Piper (C)
Kai Havgen Shaw (C)
Connor "Kevin" Simpson (B)
Nicole Stone (C)
Jemma Thripp (C)
Luke Twist (K)
Abby Whiteley (C)
Robbie "Dugald" Young (S)

For a full list of teams that have been announced for the 2014 Global Games, please visit this page.