IQA Update


Team Canada Selection Procedures Announced

The organizers of Global Games Team Canada have announced the process by which players will be chosen to participate in the Games.

The selection procedures for Team Canada are below, and are also available on our full Global Games Selection Procedures page. Additional information regarding the Canadian selection process, including the dates of the in-person tryouts and the due date and format of the video tryouts, will be available in the coming weeks.

All Canadian citizens and permanent residents for whom Canada is their current place of residence, or Canadian citizens who are temporarily studying abroad outside of Canada, are eligible for nomination and selection to the Canadian national team. In addition, upon selection to the national team, players must be able to commit to being present in Burnaby on July 19 to take part in the Global Games. These criteria apply in addition to the general eligibility requirements specified on the Selection Procedures page.

Application Process
Canada is an incredibly large country. In recognition of this fact, as well as of the financial situation of Canadian students, the Selection Committee will accept applications to compete for Team Canada either in person at one of two regional tryouts that will be held in May, or by submitting a video tryout package.

In-person tryouts will be held in Kingston, Ontario, and Vancouver, British Columbia, likely on one of the first two weekends of May. There, members of the Selection Committee will assess players on their performance during a series of drills, exercises and scrimmages.

Video tryouts for players who are unable to attend one of the in-person tryouts will follow a strict format that will be released at a later date; the format will emulate the structure of an in-person tryout and provide an objective metric by which the selection committee will evaluate players.

Team Selection Process
Canada is a diverse community, and, as the national team will seek to represent all Canadians, care will be taken to ensure that players are selected from teams in both Eastern and Western Provinces. No explicit quotas will be set, but the Selection Committee is committed to selecting players from both regions and will ensure that the final team reflects the geographic diversity of the Canadian quidditch community as well as its skill and athletic talent.

Coaching Team
Head Coach: Hugh Podmore
Assistant Coach: Rebecca Alley
The coaches were chosen through an online application where candidates outlined their quidditch and coaching experience and their vision for the team.