Global Games 2014 Selection Procedures

This page lists the detailed selection procedures established by the leadership of each country to determine the players who will represent that nation at the Global Games. 

Participant Membership Policy

All players participating in the Global Games must be registered as IQA official individual members for the 2014-2015 season, beginning July 1, 2014. Players must be registered as members for the season before the tournament takes place on July 19.

Eligibility Policy

In addition to the individual national policies described below, a player may only compete for the national team of a country in which they hold citizenship or permanent residency, or to which they can otherwise demonstrate a clear connection. No individual may seek to join more than one national team for the 2014 Global Games.  

National Selection Processes

United Kingdom
United States of America

If you are a player based in a country that is not listed above, we still hope to see your national team at the Global Games! Please contact Karen Kumaki, the IQA International Director, at  for information regarding team formation.



Three tryouts over a three-week period in April and May. (subject to change)
Trois auditions pendant trois semaines en avril et mai. (susceptible de changer)
Drie proeftesten gedurende een periode van drie weken in April en Mei. (kan nog veranderen)

Brussel(s)/Bruxelles [Abdij van Vorst/Abbaye de Forest] – 19 April/Avril
Liège/Luik or/ou/of Louvain-La-Neuve [TBD] – 26 April/Avril
Antwerp(en)/Anvers [TBD] – 3 May/Mai/Mei

Endurance - Strategy - Field Awareness - Teamwork - Team-building
Endurance - Stratégie - Connaissance du Terrain - Travail d’Équipe - Mise en Équipe
Uithoudingsvermogen - Strategie - Oplettendheid - Teamwork - Teambuilding

The candidates will be assessed on five key categories: endurance, strategy, field awareness, teamwork and team-building. The assessment will be done in comprehensive training-like situations where players work through several specific drills and several matches/scrimmages with a few, core individuals watching from the sidelines. The five skill sets focus on the well-known four (endurance, strategy, field awareness and teamwork) with team-building because we believe individuals need to foster a sense of community and openness, so team-building, then, encompasses a player’s ability to interact with others and across language barriers (not necessarily using other languages, but still communicating well) and shows a genuine sense of caring for the team as a whole. Otherwise, the other four categories will see to it that Belgium puts forth its top athletes for each of the posts.

Les candidats seront évalués par rapport aux cinq catégories : l’endurance, la stratégie, la connaissance du terrain, le travail d’équipe et la mise en équipe. L’évaluation mettra en place en utilisant les situations qui reflètent un entraînement avec les exercices spécifique suivi par plusieurs matches (matchinettes) avec un groupe principal des juges au bord du terrain. Les cinq capacités centrent les plus connus (l’endurance, la stratégie, la connaissance du terrain et le travail d’équipe) avec l’autre moins connue : la mise en équipe. Puisqu’on croit que les joueurs doivent promouvoir un espace ouvert ainsi qu’un sens de la communauté fort, on va surveiller le terrain pour les joueurs qui en tiennent. La mise en équipe inclut donc la capacité d’un joueur à interagir à travers les frontières linguistiques en incluant les autres. Surtout, toutes les cinq catégories soutiendront la Belgique en trouvant les meilleures athlètes.

Voor alle kandidaten zullen gequoteerd worden op 5 onderdelen: Uithoudingsvermogen - Strategie - Oplettendheid - Teamwork - Team-building. Alle proeven zullen worden afgelegd tijdens verschillende specifieke oefeningen en meerdere wedstrijdjes met enkele belangrijken kijkende aan de zijlijn. Bij de 5 vaardigheden zal er vooral focus gelegd worden op de 4 meest bekende (Uithoudingsvermogen - Strategie - Oplettendheid - Teamwork), maar we willen ook zien hoe het staat met het teambuilding. Wij geloven dat een individuele een groepsgevoel en openheid naar anderen moet kweken. Hiermee bedoelen we concreet dat de speler bereid moet zijn om te kunnen in te spelen op anderen op spel-, maar ook taalgebied (u moet niet per se andere talen gebruiken, maar toch proberen om met een anderstalige te kunnen communiceren) en ook dat u geeft om anderen en het team. Voor de rest, de andere 4 categorieën zullen uitwijzen welke topatleten België zullen kunnen vertegenwoordigen.



All Canadian citizens and permanent residents for whom Canada is their current place of residence, or Canadian citizens who are temporarily studying abroad outside of Canada, are eligible for nomination and selection to the Canadian national team. In addition, upon selection to the national team, players must be able to commit to being present in Burnaby on July 19th to take part in the Global Games.

Application Process
Canada is an incredibly large country. In recognition of this fact, as well as of the financial situation of Canadian students, the Selection Committee will accept applications to compete for Team Canada either in person at one of two regional tryouts that will be held in May, or by submitting a video tryout package.

In-person tryouts will be held in Kingston, Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia, likely on one of the first two weekends of May. There, members of the Selection Committee will assess players on their performance during a series of drills, exercises and scrimmages.

Video tryouts for players who are unable to attend one of the in-person tryouts will follow a strict format that will be released at a later date; the format will emulate the structure of an in-person tryout and provide an objective metric by which the selection committee will evaluate players.

Team Selection Process
Canada is a diverse community, and, as the national team will seek to represent all Canadians, care will be taken to ensure that players are selected from teams in both Eastern and Western Provinces. No explicit quotas will be set, but the Selection Committee is committed to selecting players from both regions and will ensure that the final team reflects the geographic diversity of the Canadian quidditch community as well as its skill and athletic talent.

Coaching Team
Head Coach: Hugh Podmore
Assistant Coach: Rebecca Alley
The coaches were chosen through an online application where candidates outlined their quidditch and coaching experience and their vision for the team.



Step One/Première étape :
Players can nominate themselves to play in the Global Games by completing this form no later than Sunday, February 9 at 11:59PM CET (French local time).

Players must meet the following requirements: 

  • The player must be over 17, or if they are a minor, the player must have a signed authorization from their parents
  • The player must be a French citizen or have permanent residency in France or be able to demonstrate a clear connection with it
  • The player must be able to travel to the Global Games in July, including paying the following estimated costs: flight (about 1050€), IQA membership (about 30€ or about 11€ for under 18), lodging and food

Nous avons mis en ligne un formulaire dans lequel nous invitons à vous inscrire si vous êtes volontaires.

Quelques restrictions :

  • Avoir plus de 17 ans, avec autorisation parentale pour les mineurs
  • Être citoyen français ou résident permanent en France ou avoir un lien familial, professionnel ou scolaire en France
  • Être sûr de pouvoir partir (cf notamment notre budget estimé)

Budget estimé :

  • Avion : 1050€ en moyenne
  • Cotisation IQA : 40$ (30€ environ) ou 15$ pour les mineurs (environ 11€)
  • Logement
  • Nourriture

Fermeture du formulaire : dimanche 9 février 23h59 (GMT+1)

Step Two /Deuxième étape :
Representatives of the FQA will host a Skype meeting consisting of one representative from each official team in France. Together, these representatives will choose the 21 players of Team France. The committee will have to be sure to choose a fair number of players from every team and to promote gender inclusivity. Representatives from the FQA will attend the meeting in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the selection, but will not interfere with the committee's decisions.

Une réunion skype sera organisée réunissant un responsable par équipe. Ensemble, le comité de sélection ainsi constitué choisira les 21 joueurs constituant l'équipe française. Ils devront veiller à sélectionner un nombre équitable de joueurs dans chaque équipe tout en veillant à respecter la règle 9 3/4. Des représentants de la FQA seront là pour veiller au bon déroulement de la réunion mais n'auront pas voix au chapitre.

Step Three/Troisième étape :
Once selected, the members of Team France will choose their own captain and will organize their own meetings and practices.

L'équipe constituée en étape 2 élira seule et en toute discrétion son capitaine et organisera ses rencontres.


To put your name forward to be considered for the Italian National Quidditch Team, first read the paragraphs below .

Representativity and Impartiality
Given the relatively small number of teams currently present in our country, we feel like we can and should aim to represent as many teams as possible, in the way we select our players for the time being, if not as much in the roster of the national team (NT) itself (we do believe that a team composed by top level players deserves to end up with more spots than a generally weak one). Therefore, the double body system that selects the national team (described below) will represent a wide variety of the Italian player base.

Requirements for National Team Players
Before getting to the process itself, we have settled on some guidelines for players to be accepted in national teams.

• 16+ years of age since one month before leaving their homes for the event
• Individually affiliated with the Italian association; this is not a prerequisite, but players must register with Italia Quidditch in order to play for the National Team.
• Has been at least 9 months in the country and planning to stay at least 9 more months at the time of applying, or was born and/or raised in Italy despite living abroad and not having Italian citizenship.
• A player can not be considered for more than 2 positions, but can ultimately only be chosen for one.
• The National Team will consist of no more than a predetermined maximum number of players from each member team, unless it is impossible to create a full roster otherwise.
• Eligible players need to guarantee availability of time and be able to contribute towards their own expenses (travel, etc.) to participate in the tournament. Players must also be prepared to contribute to the fundraising efforts of the team.

Two-Body System
National Team Selectors
Two National Team Selectors will be chosen from each official team by the team’s captains and coaches. The assembled group of National Team Selectors are responsible for getting as much information as possible and nominating a 50 player (max) group, composed of an official roster of 21, plus 29 backups.

If any disagreement should arise, the final decision on players from a specific team will be taken by all the Selectors except those belonging to that team. As further notes:

• The final list does not take gender in consideration at all. The final gender composition of the team will be evaluated by the National Team Commission (see below) before the roster is finalized.
• One player can appear in the list only once, in the position where they are best “rated”
• The age limit is not considered in this list. The final age composition of the team will be evaluated by the National Team Commission before the roster is finalized.

National Team Commission
The National Team Commission is formed of 3 players who choose not to be eligible for the National Team, by deciding to offer their services and skills in the process of selection and management of the team.

Coach - Andrea Miglietta (Lunatica Quidditch Club) 
Coach Assistant - Saverio Covello (Milano Meneghins Quidditch) 
Secretary - To be announced. Anyone interested in filling this role should email .

The Commission will be responsible for managing the affairs and logistics of the National Team. If the Commission has serious concerns with any aspects of the 50-player list proposed by the National Team Selectors, including regarding gender, position, and team distribution, the Commission will revise the list as necessary before it is released.

N.B: Except where explicitly stated, decisions that are voted on by the Commission will be made by a simple majority (two out of three) of Commission members.

The Commission works separately from the National Selectors Selectors and the Board of Directors alike, and is not limited by any current or future hierarchy existing in the Association.

External consultant
The NT Commission reserves the right to consult an impartial, experienced member of the quidditch community outside the Italian community.

Final Note
This process tries to build a good base that will scale well as the sport grows in our nation, in the form of the Commission, but at the same time tries to recognize our present condition, favoring a higher representation factor both in the selection process (Selectors) and in the very first lineups of the Italian National Quidditch Team.


United Kingdom

The British National Quidditch Team will be selected via in-person tryouts. Two tryouts will be held on January 18 and January 25, both at Victoria Park, Leicester, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Applicants should plan to attend the entirety of one of the two tryouts.

Players will be selected based on their performance at tryouts as well as their overall performance in past matches. 

Please contact Team UK Coordinators Ben Morton at and Matthew Guenzel at with questions.


United States of America

The U.S. National Quidditch Team will be chosen by a national Selection Committee, whose members will be voted upon by official U.S. teams. The details of the process are outlined below, as well as the process for nominating oneself to the Team USA Selection Committee.

Step 1: Applying to the Team USA Selection Committee

The Team USA Selection Committee will consist of seven members: one from each U.S. region, and the IQA Teams Director, who will moderate discussion and serve as a tiebreaking vote in player selection. Any IQA official member who is part of a U.S. team may nominate themselves or another official member to the Team USA Selection Committee. Committee members will not be allowed to participate in the Global Games as players.

In order to apply or nominate another person, with your name, team, region, and a brief statement explaining why the nominee should be selected. Please note that this form should be used to nominate members for the selection committee, not Team USA players themselves. All nominees must receive at least two distinct nominations via this form, from two separate players, in order to be advance to the next step in the Committee selection process. (Players who nominate themselves for the Committee need only have one additional person, besides themselves, submit the form.)

The deadline to nominate Committee members is 11:59PM Eastern U.S. time on Saturday, February 1.

Step 2: Voting for the Team USA Selection Committee
Once nominations are closed, each official team will have the opportunity to cast one vote for a nominee from their region to join the Team USA Selection Committee. Teams may only vote for their region’s representative. Each team’s vote must be submitted by the team captain via a Google form that will be emailed to them. The nominee from each region who has a plurality of votes (the most votes) will be chosen for the committee. If there is a tie, the committee member will be selected randomly from among the tied nominees.

Voting will be concluded by February 15.

Step 3: Applying for Team USA
Any IQA official tournament member who is part of a U.S. team may apply for Team USA. The Team USA Selection Committee will choose and announce the selection criteria, as well as a method for submitting applications.

Applications will be due no later than March 15.

Step 4: Selecting Team USA
The selection committee will create a 21-person roster for Team USA, plus alternates, based on the applications they receive. The following guidelines will apply:

1. The selection committee must choose at least two players from each U.S. region. 
1 (a). There are no gender requirements based on region. For example, every player selected from the Mid-Atlantic could be female.
2. No region may be entirely represented by players from a single IQA team.
3. Team USA may have no more than two players from any single IQA team.

The roster for Team USA will be announced no later than April 13.

Step 5: Selecting Coaches for Team USA
The players for Team USA will vote for whomever they want to serve as its coach or coaches for the Global Games. Members of the Team USA Selection Committee may be chosen as coaches.