Chimeras Take Europe

Six European teams punched tickets to World Cup VII this past weekend, but only one can call itself the reigning continental champ.

The Oxford Chimeras are the champions of European quidditch. The English University’s A-team defeated reigning continental champions the Paris Phénix 100*-30. Both squads, as well as the Belgian Qwaffles, Brindisi Lunatica, Antwerpen Beerters and Paris Frog, all qualified for World Cup VII in North Myrtle Beach, S.C.

The Chimeras entered bracket play after a 2-1 record in Pool C earned them the No. 5 seed. The team’s lone loss came 70*-40 to the Paris Frog, who finished 3-0 in Pool C and earned the No. 2 seed. The Phénix finished third in Pool C with a 1-2 record--losing to both the Chimeras and Frog. All three pool matches came down to snitch grabs, with the Frog gaining revenge for last year’s championship loss to cross-town rivals the Phénix.

The Qwaffles earned the top seed and qualified for World Cup VII with a 100*-70 win over national-rivals, the No. 8 seed Beerters. The Chimeras dominated No. 4 seed Barcelona Eagles 140*-20 to qualify, while the No. 7 seed Phénix avenged its earlier loss to its rivals, the Frog, 70*-50 to also earn a trip to WCVII. No. 3 seed Lunatica came from behind 80*-70 to overcome the No. 6 seed Oxford Quidlings to reach the World Cup.

The 5-8 seeds all needed to win a play-in match to reach the bracket, with only the Beerters requiring a snitch catch, against NTNUI Trondheim, Norway’s lone representative at the tournament, to advance 60*-10.

The Beerters beat the Eagles 120*-70 to earn a spot at World Cup, while the Frog overcame the Quidlings 110*-10 to earn the final bid for the region.

In the semi-finals the Chimeras and Phénix each dominated, with the former winning 100-30* and and the latter 140*-50 over the Qwaffles and Lunatica, respectively.

The tournament as a whole featured 12 teams from six countries, the largest tournament in European history. The Paris Phénix and Paris Frog each qualified for their second World Cup, though the Frogs were unable to attend last year. At this time it is unclear which, if any teams, will be able to attend World Cup.