IQA’s Cutest Couple Contest 2014

Find out if your favorite couple snagged the title of the IQA's Cutest!

While you were out buying last minute flowers for your significant other or a candy heart featuring a puppy for your BFF, we were calculating the votes for the IQA’s Cutest Couple competition. After receiving an onslaught of friendship nominations, we decided to divide the contest into two categories. Without further ado, here are the title holders and runners-up for the IQA’s 2014 Cutest Couple and Cutest Friendship.

Cutest Couple - Nathan Love and Alex Lowrie
“Nathan Love, the loud viking of a man, is complimented so well by the shy, but fierce, Alex Lowrie. Whether they are on the pitch or enjoying the outdoors, this unlikely duo finds a way to make your heart melt. It doesn't matter if Nathan is covered in mud and sweat from an epic fight on the pitch, Alex meets him on the sideline to wrap her arms around his barreled chest. These two are the cutest Quidditch couple because their love for each other is only matched by their love for Quidditch.” - Steve Stacy


“They fangirl together.” - Melisa Coleman

“Nathan and Alex are very cute. They should win. They are more adorable than a puppy and kitten trying to get in the same boot. Please let them win.” - Bartholomew Delcamp

Cutest Friendship - Zach D’Amico and Ben Nadeau
“Ben Nadeau and Zach D'Amico are adorable both on and off the pitch. While they've known each other for years thanks to multiple social media platforms, Ben and Zach were hardly ever in the same place at the same time. After a long separation, Zach's enrollment in Harvard Law finally saw both cuties in the same city. From then on, the two have been making sparks on and off the pitch. From going as cutest couple at Halloween party to lighting up the field with their dunks, Ben and Zachhave finally found each other. Together as two thirds of the sexiest captains in Boston, Ben and Zach are looking to massacre their opponents both on and off the pitch. #QCBeAdorable, am I right?” - Emily Hickmott


“With the power invested in me, as the former roommate of Benjamin Douglas Nadeau and the former girlfriend of Zachary David D'Amico, I hereby pronounce them the IQA's cutest couple.
A couple who's relationship had an unlikely beginning, Zach and Benny conquered many miles and found each other, as well as a best friendship. Now living in the same city and playing for the same team, their relationship has only continued to blossom. They share a passion for sports, they finish each other's sandwiches, and make more sappy Facebook posts than anyone could ever want to see. They have multiple songs dedicated to each other, and if that isn't enough to make them the IQA's cutest couple, then IDK WHAT IS! When I think of true love, cute couples, bro-mances, or soul mates, I instantly think of Zach and Benny. Team D'Adeau for the win!” - Sarah Sherman

“I am self-submitting myself and Zachary D'Amico. We are perfect. He is my best friend. I mean, have you seen pictures of us? It would be a shame not to have our faces pasted all over the world on Valentine's Day because we're perfect!” - Benjamin Nadeau

Cutest Couple Runner-Up - Amanda Dallas and Michael “Yada” Parada
“THE couple of quidditch! Two top-tier players in their respective positions, playing for a top-tier team, of which they're both captains. Neither go by their first name, and both kick [butt] on the pitch. From Yada's sense of humor to Dallas' sense of humility, easily the best and cutest couple to mount brooms alongside one another.” - Andrew Zagelbaum 


“I nominate Amanda Dallas and Michael 'Yada' Parada for Cutest Quid Couple. I'll keep this short and sweet: they are super frickin' cute and the definition of a power couple. Not only are they both captains of NYDC, but they even had their own team called the Dallas Yadas.... Oh yeah, and that team beat UMD. I've had the pleasure of seeing this couple on and off pitch and they are so cute it hurts!” - Katryna Fernandez

Cutest Friendship Runner-Up - Three-Way Tie

Konstantinos Plakas and Walter Makarucha Jr.
“Everyone chases these two tails, but their love is reserved for each other. Call them twin snitches, doppelgängers, or two bros in pod—call them whatever you want—but Kosta and Walt are not only the IQA's best bromance, they’re its only snitchmance.

KostaWaltWhen Kosta and Walter met at the Champion Series, it was like that scene from the Parent Trap. Or It Takes Two. Or any movie from the separated twin genre. They’ve been inseparable ever since, training Northeast snoobs together, pulling shenanigans on pitch, and sharing brewskis on the sideline. As Walt's actual girlfriend, I am honored to be the third wheel to this relationship.” - Kerri Donnelly 

Steve DiCarlo and Tony Rodriguez
“The fact that they were placed in the description is enough to prove that Tony Rodriguez and Steve DiCarlo are the cutest bromance in all of quidditch. The notion that anyone could possibly be cuter, is blasphemy.

Anyone who has ever been around them for an extended period of time can attest to their bromance. They spend almost every day together, they bicker like an old married couple, and they are the most dangerous duo in quidditch. Star keeper and a star seeker? Common, it doesn't get much better than that. Plus, have you seen the level of support Tony has shown while Steve has been on TV? That [is] true love if you ask me.
Quidditch kids all around the world fanboy/fangirl after the dynamic duo, more so than any other pair, thus they deserve the award for cutest couple.
Also, they're hot and have abs so that's kinda a plus.” - Caylen McDonald 

Ren Bettendorf and Chris Lock
“If you don't think Chris Lock and Ren Bettendorf (Lockdorf) are the cutest thing since Pichu then I honestly don't know what to tell you. They've known each other for 12 years now (squeee!!), and their love
is as tall and awkward as they are. Whether it be in loving glances across the pitch (they both occasionally play keeper) or in pigtail-pulling, their love is immeasurable and I'm rooting for Lockdorf all
the way!” - Yaneli Gutiérrez

Other Nominees:
Robby May and Chris Pavlovych
Rob Clifford and Brian Herzog
Alex Garancheski and Jonyull Kosinski
Maria DeNunzio and Brandon Ollio
Kyle Carpenter and Tad Walters
Nichole Galle and Drew Wasikowski
Abbi Pittman and Gabby Allerton
Janos Barbero and Dalia Nahol
Duncan Ferguson and Caitlin Page
Kaci Erwin and Augustine Monroe
Missy Hanley and Chris Pavlovych
Amber Cummings and Alex Krall
McLaren Cundiff and Forrest Stone
Sarah Dondysh and Craig Kaplan
Allie Nelson and Rob Szabo
Paula Garcia-Salazar and Shenuque Tissera
Tilde Groslier and Dean Hoff
Jordan Bailey and Mike Young
Daniel Daugherty and Meredith Taylor
Ariel Chasen and Ari Feingersch
Nathan Hoston and Sandy Wood
Sarah Erickson and Sean Sullivan
Erin Kelly and John Lenderts
Alexandra Aguirre and Michael Comer
Matthew Cardarelli and Nora Mueller
Mari Cleven and Luke Sanchez


Photo of Nathan Love and Alex Lowrie courtesy of N3 Photography.
Photo of Amanda Dallas and Michael Parada courtesy of Ben Holland.
Photo of Konstantinos Plakas and Walter Makarucha Jr. by Michael E. Mason.
All other images courtesy of the respective nominees Facebooks.