IQA Update


Teams Required to Submit Referees

The IQA is in acute need of referees for the coming weeks of games.

With dozens of games taking place each weekend and regional championships just weeks away, the league is reaching out to players to emphasize its need for the certified referees that are required to officiate these games.

In light of this need, all teams must have at least one player attempt the online, written head referee test in order for their team to attend a regional championship. Players are reminded that candidates for the head referee test must have passed the written snitch referee test and written assistant referee test. In order to allow candidates to better absorb and retain information from previous test attempts, the required “cool-down” period between failing one of the written tests and taking it again has been reduced from two weeks to one week. This includes individuals who have already recently taken the test and are awaiting the chance to try again.

For more referee information and resources, please click here. To proceed directly to the sign-up for the snitch referee test, the assistant referee test or the head referee test, .

To help prepare for the tests, the Referee Development Team will be holding weekly study sessions starting Monday, Oct. 7 at 10:00 p.m. EDT via Google Hangout. The sessions will be accessible at . Do not be afraid of the tests; upwards of 80 percent of people pass the head ref test on their first try!

The IQA looks forward to recognizing all its certified referees, not only with the $12 per match payment for head referees but also with stickers, to be distributed beginning at regionals, for head and assistant refs that can be placed on the back of players’ ID cards. The league is committed to upholding a high standard of officiating established by the Referee Development Team and is excited for another season of play fully officiated by certified head referees.