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World Cup

World Cup VII Staff Announced

The IQA is proud to announce the individuals selected for the World Cup VII staff.

Planning an event the size of the International Quidditch Association's World Cup is no small feat. These are the individuals that have been investing and will continue to invest countless hours in the planning and execution of the IQA's World Cup VII.


468775_10151691878432640_807211718_o Tournament Director - Sarah Woolsey
  Known best for her successes as tournament director of the
  University of Maryland's Turtle Cup and Shell-Shocking Spectacular,
  Sarah Woolsey will spearhead the WCVII staff.

   “I am extremely passionate about quidditch tournament planning, 
  and with World Cup in particular, it’s really important that all aspects 
  of the tournament   are carefully planned with an overall clear vision,” 
  she said. “As the leader of the event, I hope to bring together 
  everyone's ideas in order to host a world-class competition that 
  fosters a strong balance between all aspects of the event.”


Assistant Tournament Director - Kendall NewmanKendall
Working as Woolsey's right hand for WCVII will be Assistant Tournament Director Kendall Newman, a member of Texas Tech Quidditch.

“My biggest goal is to open all lines of communication: between all staff members, teams, and fans,” she said. “It's of utmost importance that the entire World Cup staff is a cohesive team that is constantly speaking with one another.”


  Financial Manager - Eric Willroth  
  No stranger to the volunteering aspect of the World Cup, Eric Willroth 
  will be the financial manager for WCVII.

  Willroth played for Texas A&M for three and a half years while 
  studying economics and business administration. He spent the past 
  three years volunteering at the main event and could not resist the 
  allure of once again helping out the development of the sport he has 
  come to love.



Gameplay Director - Will Hack  Will_and_Lawrence_with_Trophy
An IQA veteran, Will Hack jumped on board when the IQA was looking to form a rules council in 2010. Three years later, Hack is now gameplay director and will serve as gameplay manager for WCVII.

“I am hoping to bring some stability and consistency to World Cup gameplay,” he said. “My goal is not to eliminate all difficult situations that may arise at the World Cup, but to plan for every contingency and be ready to roll with the punches.”

Hack, a former captain and coach of Michigan State University Quidditch, is currently without a team. Nonetheless, he is “waiting restlessly” to find out which teams will qualify.


TaniaLM  Hospitality Manager - Tania Levy Medney
  Tania Levy Medney discovered quidditch when her daughter, 
  Samantha Medney, joined the University of Maryland's team during 
  her freshman year three years ago. "I went to a practice when I was 
  down for a visit and loved it," Medney said of her first encounter with 
  the sport. She then volunteered at World Cup V lining pitches and was 
  the afterparty manager at WCVI.

  This year, Levy Medney will be on staff as WCVII's hospitality 

"I plan to bring a wealth of ideas on how to make this the best event for the athletes, spectators, and volunteers," she said. "I think I bring a balance of the athlete's perspective and the spectator's, and the combination will contribute to a very successful event."

Levy Medney is most looking forward to seeing her daughter play at the World Cup and making the event a resounding success. 

"Knowing that this will be a result of the efforts of our entire team will be very rewarding," she said.



Logistics Manager - Alex Clark 
Alex Clark has been involved with Texas Tech Quidditch since its first year, serving as the team's treasurer and eventually, coach. This year, he will serve as Logistics Manager for WCVII. He was co-director of the first two Southwest Regional Tournaments, assistant tournament director of WCV, logistics director of WCVI, and also helped organize QuidCon as a formal programming coordinator.

Clark has also been involved with the IQA's gameplay department and league management council, and as a Southwest representative on the referee development team. He has also worked with the IQA on other projects, like creating medical/concussion policies and helping choose a date for WCVII. Clark is most looking forward to cooler weather at WCVII.


loganA  Marketing Director - Logan Anbinder
  Logan Anbinder was president of the University of Maryland's 
  quidditch team for three years and now plays for the Silicon Valley 
  Skrewts. He began volunteering with the IQA in fall 2010 as a 
  convention representative and state rep. Anbinder then became Mid-
  Atlantic regional director, and is the IQA's current marketing director.

  "I'm very excited to spread word of the World Cup on many fronts --
  via social media and our web presence, but also locally in North
  Myrtle Beach," Anbinder said. "We're lucky to have the support of an 
  extremely enthusiastic community and I'm looking forward to introducing quidditch to that audience and also to attracting national and international interest as befits our marquee event."

Anbinder is most looking forward to seeing the top-notch gameplay at WCVII.

"Showcasing quidditch at its highest level is one of the best ways to generate enthusiasm for the sport and to continue its growth, which is my goal both as IQA marketing director and ultimately as a WCVII staffer as well," he said.


Volunteers Manager - Amanda LofgrenamandaL
Amanda Lofgren started playing quidditch at Loyola University-Chicago in February 2010, as a beater. She was the captain of an intramural team that semester, a position she also held for the following year. She was elected vice president of the team fall 2010, and became president in January 2012. She also served as the human resources scheduling and registration coordinator for WCVI.

"I know that the behind-the-scenes volunteers are what make an event run, and I plan on bringing in the best people to make World Cup run as smoothly as possible," Lofgren said of her position as volunteers manager. "I know what it takes to be a volunteer, I know what volunteers need, and I know what the World Cup needs from its volunteers."


Below you will find a complete list of the WCVII staff.




Rankings Coordinator - David Pastula
Referee Coordinator - Lawrence Lazewski
Scheduling Coordinator - Zara Collier
Snitch Coordinator - Jeff Brice 


Ceremonies & Afterparty Coordinator - Stephanie Kingsbury
Entertainment Coordinator - Laurie Beckoff
Guest Services Coordinator - Megan Stacey
Kidditch Coordinator - Megan DeLancey
Team Services Coordinator - Allison Gillette
Team Services Assistant - Brandi Cannon
Tickets Coordinator - Jefferson Dedrick 


Equipment Coordinator - Courtney Savage
General Logistics Coordinator - Sarah McGowan
Permits & Safety Coordinator - Heather Burg
Technology & Construction Coordinator - Alex Krall
Vendor Coordinator - Brandy Whittington 


Branding Assistant - Candace Hoeckley
Website Coordinator - Shirley Lu
IQA Branding Coordinator - Crystal Hutcheson
IQA Editorial Manager - Amanda Dallas
IQA Photography Coordinator - Kat Ignatova
IQA Social Media Manager - Meaghan Prenda


Announcer Coordinator -Maisie Chan
Field Staff Coordinator - Alexis Bristor
Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator - Dana Pede
Volunteer Scheduling Coordinator - Caroline Pitt
Volunteer Training Coordinator - Amber Cummings
Volunteer Training Assistant - Cassandra Russo