IQA Update

IQA Announces Book Drive

Have a passion for reading? Share it! The IQA will launch its fourth league-wide book drive this Sunday, Sept. 8.

Kicking off on the United Nations’ International Literacy Day, the IQA book drive aims to spark a little friendly competition between IQA teams while giving back to the community and working to increase literacy rates.

The IQA's mission statement includes a dedication to encourage young people to lead socially engaged lives, and programs such as the book drive are the epitome of this long-standing goal. Literacy in particular is a fitting cause for an organization based on a book series, according to Joey Turro, the IQA's literacy team manager. 

"Children from low-income families in the U.S. [and] children in developing countires can take Harry Potter... and see the morals in the series, such as love and friendship and put such qualities into action in their own lives," she said.

According to a UNICEF report, 11 million adults in the United States are nonliterate in English. Book drives like the IQA’s serve to combat this problem by providing reading materials to at-risk children and adults.

All teams, official and unofficial, are eligible to participate by donating books to any charitable literacy organization before Dec. 6. Teams are encouraged to collect books by soliciting donations from the community, from their roommates or friends, and from their families at home. Teams are also encouraged to designate a practice during which they can collect books from their players.

To provide evidence of their donations, teams should collect a receipt or official document listing the number of books in each donation and email a scan of the document to Turro at . Teams do not need to sign up in advance to participate in this program.

Teams’ collection rates will be posted on the IQA website at regular intervals throughout the semester en route to the Dec. 6 deadline, so that they can see how they stack up against their rivals.

For more information on the book drive and a list of organizations a team can donate to, please visit