World Cup

Official World Cup VII Spectator's Guide

Your guide to everything and anything you need to know about spending the perfect day at World Cup VII.

With nearly 13 hours of hard-hitting action on just the first day, World Cup VII will certainly provide no shortage of entertainment. However, with all of the entertaining options, the schedule can look overwhelming. That is where we come in. Below is our official spectator’s guide to World Cup VII in North Myrtle Beach, S.C.

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8 am - 8:30 am: Opening Ceremonies
I know it’s early, but make sure you’re at the field in time for the opening ceremonies. In the past, this has featured a parade of teams, a few exciting speeches and, generally, a couple of shenanigans.

FastestGrowing.Tim.AdkinsWCVI / Tim Adkins

8:30 am - 9 am: Food Vendors
You were up early, so reward yourself with a quick breakfast and coffee before heading out to the fields. Multiple food vendors will be onsite, and, although the line may be long, if you get the opportunity, waffles have become a bit of a quidditch tradition—what can we say, it sounds a lot like quaffles.

9 am - 9:40 am: Field Five: McGill University Quidditch vs. University of Sydney
What better way to start the day at the International Quidditch Association’s World Cup than by checking out two of the teams that put the “I” in IQA. The University of Sydney will become the first Australian team to compete on North American soil, so take this chance to check out the blokes and sheilas from Sydney and see how they play quidditch in the land down under. If this game ends early, dart over to Field Six where the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill (UNC) will be looking to upset Florida’s Finest Quidditch Club. An unofficial team with many members from UNC, NOTUNC, knocked off regional champion and Pot One squad the University of Maryland (UMD) a few weeks ago, and now the Carolina Blue clad group will be looking to pull off a similar upset in both teams’ World Cup debut.

Sydney.Matt-HudsonUniversity of Sydney / Matt Hudson

9:40  am - 10:20 am: Miscellaneous Games: Fields Three, Five, Eight, Nine
Four of the seven regional champions in attendance are in action this slot. You aren’t just attending to watch one game at a time, so wander the various fields and try to catch as many of the top teams in action as you can. Field Three features South Regional champion the University of Miami taking on the Macaulay Honors College Marauders. Miami looked sharp in its last tournament, the regional championship, keeping all of its matches outside of snitch range, but if Macaulay can stay within snitch range it will allow star seeker Andrew Zagelbaum to battle with Miami’s David Moyer in what could be one of the top seeker duels of the day. Field Five sees Gee-Gees Quidditch from the University of Ottawa taking on the University of Missouri. The Gees-Gees captured the Eastern Canada championship in the fall, but how will they fair against a middle of the pack Midwestern team? Field Eight features UMD taking on Tennessee Tech University (TTU) in a contest between two teams that reached the bracket at World Cup VI. Maryland captured the Mid-Atlantic title earlier this season but recently slipped up against NOTUNC. Tennessee Tech, on the other hand, is a bit of an unknown due to its relative isolation; however, it has performed well this year, losing just five times with three of those losses coming to regional finalists. This game looks to be a physical contest between two strong teams. The fourth regional champion in action is Bowling Green State University (BGSU), who will take on the University of Virginia (UVA) on Field Nine. BGSU turned in a memorable run to the Final Four at World Cup VI after a disappointing performance in pool play but has looked sharp this season. UVA may be one of the hottest teams in the country with two tournament championships already secured this spring.

10:20 am - 11 am: Field One: NYDC Capitalists vs. Santa Barbara Blacktips
Now that you’ve settled your wanderlust, sit tight at Field One for what could be the game of the day. The Blacktips recently added University of California Los Angeles graduate, beater Andy Abayan, to one of the top quaffle tandems in the world: Ren Bettendorf, Chris Lock and Ben Harding, and although the Blacktips lack depth, that issue shouldn’t plague them too much in their first game of the day. The Capitalists feature an astounding collection of veterans, none of whom have ever reached a World Cup final. Keeper James Hicks and beater Amanda Dallas will both be returning from injuries, and it’s unclear whether they will be hampered. The play in this contest should be absolutely top of the line; don’t miss it. If this game ends early, the top three teams in the world are all in action during this slot. On Field Three, No. 1 Texas A&M University, the Southwest Regional champion, takes on the University of Richmond. On Field Nine, No. 2 Boston University (BU), the Northeast Regional champion, faces off with Oklahoma State University. On Field Four, No. 3 the Lost Boys meets the University of Rochester. Each of these contests has the potential to be close, but even if not, watching elite quidditch, as these three teams exhibit, is always a joy.

AM.Lauren-ClaireTexas A&M

11 am - 11:40  am: Kidditch/Shopping/Snack
You’ve just watched two hours of high-quality quidditch and you probably need a break before you’re so excited you run onto the pitch and grab a broom. If you’re traveling with youngsters, maybe head over to the kidditch pitch for the first officiated kidditch game of the weekend. If you aren’t quite ready though, don’t worry because there are plenty of other opportunities to enjoy kidditch this weekend. If you’re hungry, check out some of the previously mentioned food vendors. However, now that you’ve seen how exciting the games are, you definitely need to check out the souvenirs. Alivan’s will be selling brooms just like the ones being played on. Representatives from Quiyk, the Harry Potter Alliance, the IQA Proshop, the World Cup souvenir shop and many others will all be on hand. Don’t miss this chance to grab a keepsake from your trip to the World Cup. If someone wants to make a new friend, feel free to pick me up a t-shirt, or a program, and if you’re still a little shaky on what you’re seeing don’t miss out on a chance to buy a copy of the rulebook.


shopping.annie-mariePro Shop

11:40  am - 12:20 pm: Field Seven: University of Michigan vs. Austin Quidditch
Pool Five looks to be one of the most unpredictable in the tournament. You got a chance to check out some action in this pool earlier when you saw the Blacktips and Capitalists face off; now, check out the other two contenders, Michigan and Austin Quidditch. Michigan burst onto the scene handing Middlebury College its first-ever loss at World Cup V, while Austin Quidditch features a crisp passing game and strong chaser play coming out of the Southwest. This game should be a real joy to behold. If it ends early, check out Ball State University and QC Pittsburgh on Field Eight featuring a pair of traditional hard-hitters who both reached the Round of 32 at World Cup VI.

12:20 pm - 1 pm: Field Nine: Gee-Gees Quidditch vs. Louisiana State University (LSU)
You got a glimpse of the Gee-Gees earlier, so now watch them take on historic powerhouse LSU. LSU has faded from years past when it could be counted on to be amongst the top teams in the Southwest. However, in the nation’s deepest region, LSU still features a number of holdovers from its glory days, including Brad Armentor, Jason Winn, Daniel DePaula, Sarah Kneiling and Melissa White. These two teams should put together a hotly contested matchup. If this game finishes early, check out Field Three where Central Michigan University (CMU) takes on UNC. This matchup could factor into who wins the pool and thus avoids the play-in game.

1 pm - 1:40 pm: Lunch at Field Three: Appalachian Quidditch vs. University of South Carolina
Grab a quick bite from one of the food vendors and then meander over to Field Three for a Carolinas rivalry. The University of South Carolina was a controversial inclusion in this year’s field and is also the de facto home team as the only in-state team. Appalachian Quidditch, itself a bit of a surprise qualifier out of the Mid-Atlantic in its debut season, is based just three hours from its foes. Check out this turf war to see two teams fighting to show they belong in the sport's upper echelon.

Appalchian.Alex-gatesApparatorsAlex Gates

1:40pm - 2:20 pm: Field Four: University of Minnesota vs. Silicon Valley Skrewts
This contest could very well decide which team captures Pool Seven. A pair of teams on the rise, the University of Minnesota surprised many when it captured the inaugural B1G vs. MAC Challenge championship with a 6-0 record, including several wins over more heralded opponents. Minnesota is one of a few teams known for its zone defense, as its “Three Trees” can stymie opponents. The Skrewts barely qualified for World Cup but have looked like a whole new team this spring with once-injured players returning and the transfer of a pair of veteran chasers in Alex Makk and Sam Harris. The clash in styles should make for an interesting contest and the stakes for this match could be as high as any. If this contests ends early, check out Field Two where NYDC and Austin Quidditch are matching up. You’ve already seen both teams, so why not check out a thrilling, physical contest with familiar squads?

2:20 pm - 3 pm: Field Nine: Texas A&M vs. Valhalla
You haven’t yet had a chance to witness perfection, so why not watch the only undefeated team this year, top-ranked Texas A&M? A&M has battled with many of the top teams in the world and has thus far emerged unscathed. While it’s unlikely that Valhalla will be much of a challenge to the Aggies, you can learn a lot just by watching how such a strong team executes. If this game ends early, hop over to Field Two to check out the defending champion University of Texas (UT) against Stanford University, or Field Three to see many UT and Texas A&M alums, including members of last year’s championship squad and last year’s top-ranked Texas A&M team, playing for Lone Star Quidditch Club (LSQC) against the Crimson Warhawks.

3 pm - 3:40 pm: Howie Day Concert
Although you’ve no doubt seen your fair share of collisions at this point, take a break from the non-stop action to see Howie Day, singer of  which reached No. 20 on the Billboard Hot 100, perform live in concert.

Howie-Day-hi-resHowie Day

3:40 pm - 4:20 pm: Field 3: BGSU vs. University of Florida (UF)
The Midwest Regional Champion takes on the South Regional runner-ups in a game that could be a classic. BGSU features World Cup VI breakout star Daniel Daugherty running its offense, while Florida is led by World Cup V breakout star Dre Clements. Both players captured the nation’s attention at their respective World Cups; seeing them face off brings a dream matchup. If this game ends early, there are a number of superb contests going on. Field One features Ohio State University taking on the University of Rochester; both teams have impressed recently and should be evenly matched. Field Four boasts Michigan against the Blacktips in a game that will likely have major bracket implications. Field Five has Ball State University taking on Northern Arizona University in what could be a close contest with bracket implications. Finally, Field Seven contains Florida’s Finest against CMU in a match that should decide Pool Eight and will also likely be one of the top contests of the day.

BGSU.tim-adkinsBowling Green / Tim Adkins

4:20 pm - 5 pm: Field One: Baylor University vs. University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA)
Check out a rematch of last year’s Final Four, which UCLA won to advance to the title game. Baylor was plagued early in the season by injuries, most notably to starting beater Brittany Ripperger, but has looked increasingly sharp in its spring tournaments. UCLA also struggled early on this year, looking to recover from a number of key graduations and give its newcomers game experience. Now that the stakes are at their highest, both teams will be holding nothing back and should allow the veterans of last year’s contest an opportunity to shine. When this one ends, check out Field Nine where UMD is facing Arizona State University (ASU). Last year a favored-UMD team fell in pool play to a West-regional foe. UMD will again be looking to dodge an upset and doing so without star utility player Harry Greenhouse who was forced off the World Cup roster with a broken thumb.

5 pm - 5:40 pm: Field Five: the Lost Boys vs. Rollins College
You may have gotten a glimpse of the Lost Boys during the 10:20 slot, but take some time to really appreciate the nuances of their beater play and their many quaffle stars. Chris Seto and Peter Lee have earned reputations as two of the top beaters in the world, while Vanessa Goh and Missy Sponagle have equally earned attention as two of the best chasers. Seeker Steve DiCarlo gained national attention on SyFy’s reality show “Opposite Worlds.” However, few will deny that the true star of the Lost Boys is keeper Tony Rodriguez, who—in just his second season—may be the best player in the history of the sport.

LostBoys.Isabella-GongLost Boys / Isabella Gong / IQA Staff

5:40 pm - 6:20 pm: Dinner and Atmosphere
Up until now, with the exception of a morning shopping break, you’ve been trying to catch as much of the action as possible. This is the perfect time to grab a quick bite to eat, and just walk around and take in everything. There are nine fields; saunter around and take in a bit of the action at each. Find a quidditch player, snitch, ref or volunteer and just talk. Get to know someone new, preferably someone from across the country or even the pond. You’ve still got a lot of games to enjoy, but you don’t need to spend the whole time watching quidditch. World Cup is an experience; take the opportunity to get to know someone new.

6:20 pm - 7 pm: Field One: Tufts University vs. Louisiana State University
You saw LSU play earlier in the day against the Gee-Gees, so the team shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to you. Tufts surprised many this year when it knocked off NYDC in October. Seeker BJ Mestnik has been one of the most reliable this season, while beater Michael Sanders came out of nowhere to anchor the Tufflepuffs earlier this season. After this one ends, dart over to Field Nine to watch the ending of Northern Arizona University (NAU) against Q.C. Pittsburgh. NAU seeker Porter Marsh might be the best in the game, so take this opportunity to watch him battle a snitch. Field Eight also features an intriguing matchup with the Blacktips taking on Austin Quidditch. You saw both teams earlier in the day, but keep an eye on how the Blacktips are holding up after a long day of tough contests. They’ve been plagued by their lack of depth late in the day this season, so will they have enough in the tank for their stars to power them over Austin Quidditch?

7 pm - 7:40 pm: Field One: University of Miami vs. Texas State University
Stay right where you are on Field One and witness a physical clash between Miami and Texas State. Miami, the South Regional champion, is the fifth regional champion you’ll be seeing today, and hopefully by now you’ll be able to figure out where the South, a much maligned region last year, stacks up against other regions. Texas State has perpetually remained just a tier below the top in the Southwest, universally considered to be the top region in the world. Can a tier two team from the top region knock off the top team from a lesser region? After this one, hurry over to Field Five to watch BU against Penn State University. You may have gotten to glimpse BU earlier, but it is one of the top teams playing in what might be its toughest challenge of the day. Also worth keeping an eye on are Fields Two and Seven, both of which feature a pair of regional semifinalists. On Field Two, Northeast runner-up Emerson College takes on Midwest semifinalist Ball State, while Field Seven has Mid-Atlantic runner-up Villanova University against Eastern Canada semifinalist Carleton University. Fields Three and Six also have contests that might have high stakes. Minnesota and McGill will be squaring off on Field Three in a game that could determine which gets a bracket spot or which wins the pool, depending on earlier contests. Field Six continues the Pool Five battle with Michigan squaring off against NYDC.

7:40 pm - 8:20 pm: Field Seven: the Lost Boys vs. Ohio State University
This contest features two of the top passing teams in the world. We already discussed the abilities of the Lost Boys, but we failed to mention their passing prowess. Ohio State has what is widely considered the Midwest’s best passing game. This match could become wide open, with great offense on both sides. Each team will look to its keeper to lead the way—Rodriguez for the Lost Boys and David Hoops for Ohio State. Once this one ends, beeline back to Field One, where Texas A&M will be taking on its toughest foe of day one of the tournament in Midwest runner-up the University of Kansas. While Kansas has been forced to deal with the loss of key players in chaser Colby Soden and seeker Keir Rudolph, it upset the Southwest Regional champion in pool play last year, beating Baylor, and will look to repeat the accomplishment.

8:20 pm - 9 pm: Field One: University of Texas vs. QC Boston: the Massacre
Due to various deferrals and withdrawals, these two teams find themselves in likely the easiest pool. Having each likely amassed a slew of points thus far, this game will almost definitely determine the pool champion and a high seed in the bracket. While the defending champion UT squad will no doubt be the favorites, the Boston-based community team has a number of experienced players led by captain Kedzie Teller, who will be looking to pull the upset. After this one, check out LSQC against Rochester Institute of Technology on Field Seven in a physical contest featuring two of their region’s top teams.

qcb.michael-e-masonQCB /  / IQA Photo Editor

9 pm - 9:40 pm: Field Two: Harvard University vs. Tennessee Tech University
As much as we wish we had a crystal ball, we don’t; however, we do foresee this matchup determining which gets a spot in the bracket. When two teams that should be close to evenly matched are playing with their future on the line, we think an entertaining game is in store. Field One and Field Seven feature similar contests. Field One has the Ottawa Maple Rush taking on the University of Massachusetts-Amherst--keep an eye on Maple Rush keeper Jamie Lafrance, who has no problem bowling over opponents on his way to the hoops. Field Seven features Hofstra University against UVA. Hofstra beater Alex Leitch is one of the best in his region; recently recovered from injury, he has the ability to take control of that game.


NYU /  / IQA Photo Editor

9:40 pm - 10:20 pm: Wander
You’ve made it this far; congratulations on spending over 12 hours watching quidditch! We think that all four of these games could be for a spot in the bracket, so all we can say is that after 12 hours and having seen many of these teams already, we trust you to find which game will entertain you most. Our advice, look for teams playing for bracket spots. A team with everything on the line is one that we want to watch. Make sure after you get home, you check online to see which teams you fell in love with have advanced to bracket play on Sunday.

HarryAndThePotters.Annie.MarieHarry and the Potters

Sunday features bracket games all day, except for a Harry and the Potters concert at 11 am and an after-party at the House of Blues at 8 pm. We can’t tell you which games to watch since we have no idea which teams will be playing, but after a day of watching quidditch, you should know exactly which teams and games you want to see.