Midwest Regional Director

Key duties & responsibilities:
-Foster growth in the community of regional quidditch players.
-Serve as a conduit for team information heading to the IQA, and IQA information heading to the teams.
-Provide resources and support for new and forming teams
-Encourage and manage sanctioned events and conferences in the region
-Participate in weekly Skype/phone calls with other regional directors about events, issues, etc. going on in the region ---Work with other state volunteers and state representatives to improve and expand the region

Required knowledge, skills, & abilities:
-At least 1 year of quidditch experience, or has proficient knowledge about the IQA, the organizational structure, etc.
-Enjoys working with people and generating meaningful relationships
-Excellent and prompt communication skills
-Frequent access to email, Facebook, Skype, etc.
-Proficient with data management (Excel spreadsheets, etc.)
-Takes initiative/is a self-starter
-Works well on a team
-Organization and time management
-Passion for quidditch

Requested materials:
-Cover letter
-Supplemental Questions

1. If you were the regional director, what would your top five priorities be in the position, in order? Why? What would you do daily to accomplish these goals?

2. Identify one personal trait, characteristic, habit, or approach that you feel would be detrimental to your performance as the regional director. What are you doing/will you do to overcome this in the position?

3. Being a representative of the IQA requires presenting the organization as a whole in the best possible light. How would you work to represent IQA decisions and policies to members of our region while maintaining professionalism?

4. The Midwest is one of the largest and most diverse regions in the US. How would you ensure that every team, regardless of geography, was receiving the support and services it deserves? How would you maintain a balance between a variety of parties with a variety of potentially conflicting interests?

5. What is your leadership style?