Volunteer Director

Note: This position has previously been called Human Resources Director. However, now that the IQA has employees, employee HR duties are being performed by the COO. To avoid confusion, the administrator of volunteer HR will therefore be called the Volunteer Director.

The Volunteer Director is responsible for developing and improving our volunteer program and experience by:

1. Coordinating and implementing recruitment and retention strategies for the IQA to ensure low turnover and availability of qualified applicants;
2. Developing communication strategies to improve recruitment and retention effectiveness;
3. Developing volunteer orientation and training procedures;
4. And working to foster a positive volunteer environment.

Our ideal candidate has excellent interpersonal skills, especially in customer service and direct communication; creative problem solving skills; and a high degree of personal initiative. Demonstrated involvement managing or working with volunteers is preferred, as is an interest in quidditch, other unorthodox sports, or social entrepreneurship.

This position is volunteer and will require 10 hours of work per week. The Volunteer Director reports to the COO.

Primary Responsibilities

• Manage volunteer recruiting and screening processes.
• Use marketing and public relations tools to publicize opportunities for volunteers.
•Develop and maintain relationships with other volunteer organizations.
• Use social media and the internet to increase volunteer recruitment.
• Coordinate recruitment needs with appropriate staff; analyze, respond to, and resolve recruitment issues.
• Manage Recruitment Coordinator volunteer.

• Welcome volunteers; introduce new volunteers to staff and provide a positive atmosphere.
• Develop and deliver orientation to all volunteers.
• Keep the IQA resources site updated with information, policies, and opportunities for volunteers.

• Keep volunteer staff directory updated.
• Respond to volunteer inquiries via email in a timely manner
• Maintain written job description for all volunteer positions.
• Collect, organize, and store Volunteer Service Agreements, Volunteer Confidentiality Agreements, and other paperwork as necessary.
• Administer bi-annual volunteer performance reviews; collect and share results with department directors.
• Handle matters of volunteer discipline discreetly and professionally.

• Provide training, mentorship, and problem-solving support to volunteers.
• Develop and coordinator appropriate volunteer recognition strategies and events.


• Bachelor’s degree preferred.
• Excellent organizational and time management skills.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
• Ability to effectively work across departments to strategically and sustainably meet the needs of the organization.
• Experience with volunteer or staff recruitment preferred.
• Previous volunteer experience required.

Requested Materials

• Cover Letter
• Resume