IQA Update

Amanda Dallas Appointed Editorial Manager

The IQA is pleased to announce that Amanda Dallas has been selected to hold the position of editorial manager, effective immediately.

My plan was never to play quidditch, merely to watch. My plan was never to captain a team, merely to play. My plan was never to write about the sport, merely to captain.

And yet here I am writing to inform you that I am joining the IQA staff as editorial manager.

Quidditch and I have never agreed on what path we would take together. When I was pressured to join the New York University Nundu, I told myself I would be nothing more than your average player. Then I was convinced to run for captain. Then I was persuaded to create a community team. Then I decided to apply for editorial manager. Needless to say, I have learned to expect the unexpected, something I should have learned the moment I saw the athleticism behind the broomsticks.

Most people in this sport know me as a beater from the Northeast. While that is an accurate description (excepting that I recently moved to the Mid-Atlantic), I am also a journalist. I graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism and I’ve had extensive experience with the likes of SPIN Magazine, NY1 News and other media outlets. I am also the creator of the quidditch documentary “Forgetting Fiction.”

With my schooling behind me, I decided I needed something more than a paying job and the NYDC Capitalists to keep me busy, so I looked to the IQA for a volunteer position. Low and behold, there was an opening for editorial manager, a position that would bring together my journalistic skill set and my love of quidditch.

I plan to use my knowledge of both to further the path Andy Marmer wrought. He transformed the IQA website into a journalistic publication in a matter of months. Under my leadership, timeliness will become a much heavier focus, multimedia will become more common and expansion of coverage will become a priority. But in order to do this, I need more of you to join me.

In order to better represent the players, the spectators and the sport as a whole, this staff needs to expand. We are currently seeking correspondents from Australia, Europe, the Midwest, Southwest and the West and additional correspondents to accompany the ones we already have in Canada, the Mid-Atlantic, the Northeast and the South. If you’re interested in joining me as I strive to take coverage of this sport to new heights, send your cover letter, resume, and some writing samples to .