Rules Adaptations for Middle School

Middle school quidditch (players approximately 10-13 years old) is played very similarly to the rules that are found in the rulebook. We suggest two key adaptations, which regard physical contact rules and pitch size.


In this adaptation, there should be no physical contact of any kind.  Players (chasers, beaters, and keepers) may attempt to steal a ball (quaffle or bludger) from another player, but they may only touch the ball they are attempting to steal, not the player carrying the ball. Seekers and snitch runners should also avoid physical contact, including grappling that is permitted in the full rules. Physical contact as described in section 6.3 should not be permitted for this age group: middle school players may not stiff arm, push, charge, grab, wrap, or tackle another player.


Depending on the teams’ preference, players may play with a full-sized pitch, or a three-quarters sized pitch.  Dimensions of a three-quarters sized pitch are as follows:

  • Sidelines (keeper zone to keeper zone): 18 yards (16.5 meters)
  • Horizontal rectangle line (sideline-to-sideline): 27 yards (24.7 meters)
  • Hoops-to-Hoops: 27 yards (24.7 meters)
  • Semi-circle radius: 9.5 yards (8.7 meters)
  • Back line to back line: 45 yards (41.1 meters)

All other rules are to be followed as described in the rulebook.