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As the worldwide spread of quidditch continues, the IQA will continue to strive to be an international organization in fact as well as name. Starting with the 2013-2014 season, official quidditch competition will be organized through national leagues.

National leagues will be fully integrated with the IQA and tasked with administering quidditch at the level of single, entire nations where quidditch has developed enough to support them. National leagues will ensure that teams in each country receive the same level of support, including new team assistance and professionalism of events. National league directors will work in conjunction with the IQA’s leagues director to plot a course for their league that best caters to the needs of the players, including providing opportunities for international play. The national league staff will be IQA staff and representatives in their country, be part of a regular global meeting of national leaders to discuss quidditch matters, and be welcomed as valued representatives their country’s interests in IQA-wide policy discussions.

Forming a national league

National leagues are intended to give representative national league staff, acting as the IQA, the authority and responsibility to organize the sport of quidditch in their own country. While the necessary requirements for forming an IQA national league are consistent, the requirements are designed to be flexible based on each country’s specific situation. For this reason, the relationship between the future national league staff and the IQA leagues director will be a close one where many of the requirements for creation of a national league are cooperatively worked on.

The basic requirements for a nation to have a national league represented in the IQA are as follows:

  • At least five active teams in the country must be ready to become IQA official member teams (tournament or basic) and be part of the IQA and national league.
  • Quidditch must be played competitively and follow IQA rules.
  • Individuals from at least one-third of the total number of active teams must be willing to take on leadership roles within that country in the national league.

In order to allow for different levels of development within different national leagues, the IQA will allow basic member teams (on a case-by-case basis) to use their “one event” to attend the national regional championship in an attempt to qualify for the World Cup. These basic member teams can still attend other IQA-sanctioned events by paying a per-player registration fee, and they can of course attend other events and matches that follow the official match guidelines to be ranked within their nation and within the international league.

The IQA will continue to maintain strong ties to all countries where quidditch is played, and to assist teams in regions that do not yet meet these criteria with the ultimate goal of seeing a viable national league in every country around the world.

As the 2013-2014 season begins, the IQA will work to ensure that the policies being adhered to by non-North American teams with regards to the administration of national leagues are also being followed by countries in which quidditch has a strong presence, including the United States and Canada. New national-level positions will be created within the IQA to oversee the national leagues in each of these countries.

Representatives from the countries below are in discussion with the IQA about establishing an official national league, or have already done so. If your country is not on this list, contact  to learn more about how to begin the national league founding process!

United Kingdom
United States