3rd Annual Phoenix Cup

Miami University Lionhawks are proud to host our third annual Phoenix Cup! This tournament serves as a great preview to the competition and skill expected at Midwest Cup (as it is the following weekend). Currently, the teams attending will be:
1. Miami Lionhawks
2. Miami B-Team/Merc
3. Wooster
4. Bowling Green
5. The Ohio State University
6. The Ohio State University B-team
7. Ohio University
8. Loyola Chicago
9. MSU
10. Tennessee Tech
11. Purdue
12. TCS Chimeras
13. Central Michigan 
14. Eastern Michigan
15. Dayton
16. Ball State

Attending Teams

Ohio State Quidditch
OSU The Mighty Bucks
Falcon Warriors Quidditch Club
University of Dayton Quidditch Club
Purdue Intercollegiate Quidditch Association
Tennessee Tech Quidditch
Eastern Michigan Flying Squirrels
Wooster Scottish National Quidditch Team
Ball State Cardinals
Loyola University Chicago Quidditch
Quidditch Club of Central Michigan
Miami University Lionhawks
Bowling Green State University
The Charles School Chimeras