Battle of Saratoga Quidditch Tournament

The Battle of Saratoga is the Skidmore Quidditch Team's first (real) Quidditch tournament, and every last one of you is invited!

This tournament is Sunday, October 20 at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY and will be held on Wachenheim Field, our main athletics field on campus. EMS personnel will be on site. 
The gameplay format will be round robin followed by single or double elimination depending on how many teams come. We have applied for referee field testing and are waiting to hear back. Our goal is to make as many games as possible official, but that depends on how many certified referees each team can bring. We have enough pitch space (and organizational capability) for eight teams to come play.

We will not be charging a registration fee, however, please bring money to pay refs. 

Attending Teams

Skidmore Quidditch
New York Badassilisks
RPI Remembralls
University of Vermont Quidditch
Ithaca Community Quidditch Team